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UFO Retractable Pet Leash by MOESTAR

UFO Retractable Pet Leash by MOESTAR

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Introducing a Revolutionary Tow Rope: Say goodbye to heavy and laborious tow ropes. Inspired by gravity-defying spaceships, MOESTAR has created a weightless and balanced hand feeling. The innovative design breaks biological instincts, providing a comfortable and hands-free experience for both pets and owners.

Unparalleled Design: The design features a shaftless expansion annular strip and an LED lighting system, ensuring both style and functionality. Selected materials provide a comfortable and non-curling grip, while the anti-impact design prioritizes safety. The spacecraft-inspired appearance acts as an attention-grabbing prop during dog walks.

Balanced and Comfortable: The annular grip evenly distributes tension, offering a comfortable and effortless experience for the wrist. The lighting system illuminates up to 3 meters, ensuring visibility and safety during nighttime walks. The lateral blue cold light respiratory lamp enhances visibility and helps avoid potential hazards with night traffic and pedestrians.


For night walks

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