Your orders are very important to us, and that's why it is extremely important for us to make sure that you get the items you have ordered. we take this matter with all seriousness!

We generally make sure to process your order within 3 business days or less. But sometimes we're out of stock due to high demand in the product, and it might take a bit longer. But don't worry, we'll always let you know in advance. we try and work around the clock to get the product out to our customers as fast as possible.

Please make sure to double-check that you have entered the correct address. We are not liable for non-delivery due to address errors that you provide. We will refund the original order if an order is returned due to an incorrect address.


Due to high demand and logistical challenges, we ask that you please allow between 7-15 days for the delivery on certain products. However, we assure you that we are closely monitoring the shipping process and providing tracking information to keep you informed every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are working diligently to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of your order. We appreciate your patience and support, and we are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for choosing our services.

we are USA base and currently only ship to USA, we are working to expand our business to other countries.

please read!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please understand that due to the ever changing shipping environment, as well as the ongoing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the countries in this list are subject to change. Make sure to check back often to ensure you're aware of any changes.

  1. Albania (AL)
  2. American Samoa (AS)
  3. Armenia (AM)
  4. Barbados (BB)
  5. Bolivia (BO)
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
  7. Botswana (BW)
  8. Brunei (BN)
  9. Canary Islands (IC)
  10. Cayman Islands (KY)
  11. Chad (TD)
  12. Curacao (XC)
  13. Cyprus (CY)
  14. Ecuador (EC)
  15. Equatorial Guinea (GQ)
  16. Ethiopia (ET)
  17. Fiji (FJ)
  18. French Polynesia (PO)
  19. Georgia (GE)
  20. Guyana (GY)
  21. Honduras (HN)
  22. Jamaica (JM)
  23. Kosovo (KV)
  24. Kuwait (KW)
  25. Libya (LY)
  26. Malawi (MW)
  27. Mauritania (MR)
  28. Mauritius (MU)
  29. Moldova (MD)
  30. Mongolia (MN)
  31. Montenegro (ME)
  32. Nepal (NP)
  33. Panama (PA)
  34. Papua New Guinea (PG)
  35. Peru (PE)
  36. Rwanda (RW)
  37. Saudi Arabia (SA)
  38. Serbia (RS)
  39. Sierra Leone (SL)
  40. South Africa (ZA)
  41. South Sudan (SS)
  42. Sri Lanka (LK)
  43. Suriname (SR)
  44. Tanzania (TZ)
  45. Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
  46. Tunisia (TN)
  47. United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM)
  48. Uruguay (UY)
  49. Venezuela (VE)
  50. Zambia (ZM)
  51. Zimbabwe (ZW)
  52. Åland Islands (AX)