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Valentine's Day Rose Flower Bear

Valentine's Day Rose Flower Bear

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  • Unique Design: Combines the charm of a classic teddy bear with delicate artificial flowers for a distinctive and elegant appearance.
  • Perfect Gift: Ideal for women, girls, and girlfriends on various occasions, including anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and Valentine’s Day.
  • 25cm/9.84in Size: The flower bear stands at a convenient and display-friendly size of 25cm or roughly 9.84in.
  • Symbol of Sentiment: Adds an extra touch of sentiment and emotion to your gifts, making them more memorable.
  • Versatile Decoration: Suitable for special celebrations like weddings and parties, serving as both a gift and a vibrant decor piece.
  • Vibrant Colors: The artificial flowers bring lively and colorful hues, creating a festive mood and brightening up your surroundings.
  • Nostalgic Yet Unique: Blends the nostalgia of a teddy bear with a modern and unique floral twist, making it a thoughtful and creative gift option. 
Packing includes
1* Rose Flower Bear (other items displayed in pictures not included)
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