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Soundproof Foams

Soundproof Foams

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  •  Soundproof Foams Introduction:
  • Available in packs of 12 or 24
  • Each foam measures 25x25x50mm for maximum sound absorption
  • Manufactured from soft, dust-free sponge material
  • Suitable for studios, KTVs, and more
  • Square shape with acoustic characteristics for dynamic sound effects
  • Enhance with BASSTRAP:
  • Combine with BASSTRAP for improved soundproofing results
  • Sonicism Acoustic Foam Panels:
  • Pyramid 3D design with high-density polymer material
  • Increased contact area with sound waves
  • Reduces flutter echo, reverberation, standing waves, and high-frequency noise
  • Improves environment comfort and vocal music purity
  • Convenient Installation:
  • Self-adhesive layer included, no need for extra glue or tape
  • Tear off kraft paper and stick to the wall
  • Strong and long-lasting adhesive ensures firm fixation
  • Rapid Expand & Recovery:
  • Made of 100% ultra-high resilience PU sponge polymer material
  • Undergoes high-temperature processes
  • Quickly expands and returns to original shape within 5 seconds
  • No soaking or waiting required
  • Multi-Scene Decoration:
  • Stylish pyramid design in black and gray
  • Arrange panels creatively based on imagination
  • Suitable for homes, game rooms, recording studios, offices, etc.
  • Elevate Your Soundproofing:
  • Soundproof Foams to enhance your soundproofing efforts



Material: Sponge

Size: 25x25x5cm

Quantity: 12Pcs & 24Pcs

Color: Black/Gray/White/Red/Blue/Purple

Applied to: Studio, Piano room, Drum room, Anchor's room, etc.

Package Included: 1*12pc or 1*24pc (which ever variant selected) x Soundproof foams (other items displayed in pictures not included)

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