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Premium Sensitive Toothbrush

Premium Sensitive Toothbrush

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  • Upgrade Toothbrush:

    • More than 15000 delicate and soft bristles for deep mouth cleaning.
    • Designed for sensitive teeth, unlike traditional toothbrushes that can damage the mouth.
  • 80 Times Hair Transplant:

    • Super soft hair, 80 times denser than ordinary toothbrush hair.
    • Each hair is only 70 microns in diameter, providing gentle stimulation and massage.
  • Toothbrush Design:

    • Ergonomically designed and fine-tuned for comfort.
    • Wavy toothbrush design for better teeth coverage and hygiene.
    • Comfortable handle design prevents excessive force and gum damage.
  • Applicable People:

    • Ultra-soft toothbrush suitable for sensitive teeth.
    • Ideal for older people, pregnant women, and children who prefer soft bristles.
  • Multifunction and Portability:

    • One-piece molded toothbrush with fine-tip bristles and high-density uniformity.
    • Soft rubber teeth and wear-resistant for durability.
    • Includes tongue-cleaning function.
    • Can be easily carried for travel, outdoor activities, survival, camping, etc.


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