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Magnetic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11/ 12.9in, iPad Air 4/5 ,iPad 10.9in 10th gen

Magnetic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11/ 12.9in, iPad Air 4/5 ,iPad 10.9in 10th gen

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  • Model Compatibility Assurance: Before purchasing, ensure compatibility with your device model.
  • Connection Instructions:
    • Double-click the power button to activate the keyboard.
    • Press FN+C to enable Bluetooth.
    • Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth List to pair the devices.
  • 3-level Brightness Backlit:
    • Features 7 colors with 3-level brightness settings for enhanced visual and work experience.
  • Auto Sleep / Wake Function:
    • Automatically puts the tablet to sleep when closed and wakes it up when opened, conserving battery life.
  • Adjustable Angles:
    • Offers smooth angle adjustments for optimal viewing angles.
  • Strong Magnetic Attraction:
    • Built-in 70+ strong magnets ensure a tight and secure attachment without the risk of falling off.
  • Support Apple Pen Charging:
    • Equipped with a TYPE-C charging port for convenient Apple Pen charging.
  • Multi-touch Trackpad:
    • Built-in precision trackpad allows for seamless navigation, supporting full multi-touch gestures like scrolling, swiping, and tapping for enhanced productivity.
This product offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing the functionality and convenience of your tablet experience. With features like adjustable angles, strong magnetic attachment, and support for Apple Pen charging, it ensures optimal usability and protection for your device. Additionally, the multi-touch trackpad adds versatility, allowing for efficient navigation and editing tasks. Overall, it's an essential accessory for maximizing productivity and comfort while using your tablet. But ultimately offering a laptop feel experience with added iPad case protection all around.  

Practicality + Protection

Makes all your tasks easy: emailing, messaging, browsing, gaming, and anything else you need to do with a keyboard. Plus, it has LED backlighting to illuminate the keys in the dark. But it's not all about utility, it’s made from PU leather, protecting your iPad from bumps, scrapes, and drops, so it remains in peak condition for every mission.


1* magnetic iPad keyboard (other items or electronics displayed in pictures not included)

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