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Stainless cup rinser for sink

Stainless cup rinser for sink

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[as seen on tiktok] The Cup Rinser is a convenient and powerful way to thoroughly rinse cups, mugs, and glasses. It has a gentle water jet and protrusions that can rinse away residues in seconds and guides water into the kitchen sink for easy cleanup. It is also suitable for cleaning baby bottles, travel mugs, and wine glasses. To use, place the mouth of the cup on the rinser, press the bottom gently, and the automatic spray will do the job. After rinsing, remove the cup, and the water stops spraying. This efficient tool can make life easier for users.

package includes:

variant with hose: 1 cup rinser and hose  

variant without hose: 1 cup rinser 

(other items displayed in pictures not included)

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