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Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic Soap Dispensers

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This Automatic Soap Dispensers is made of high quality ABS material, it is durable and long lasting. The sleek white design is perfect for any bathroom décor. And it's easy to use too! Just place your hand under the sensor and it will dispense soap automatically. 

Rechargeable soap dispenser

With 800 mAh built-in battery: A single charge could work for about 3000 times.

Compare with battery operated dispensers, it reduces battery consumption, saves more money.

A charging socket designed with rubber plug protects the soap dispenser from moist that may hurt inside components

About this item

    • Hand free soap dispenser: Equipped with high-precision infrared sensor, soap could be foamed and dispensed in 0.25 second. Move hand to sensor area and get soap. To TURN ON/OFF please press power button for 2-3 seconds!!! Single tap is ONLY for switch soap volume.
    • 3 level soap volume design: High(1.8g)/Mid(1g)/Low(0.6g) for options; Quick click power button to switch soap volume; Different color indicator lights indicate different soap volume: White(High),blue(Mid),green(Low).
    • Rechargeable design with 800 mAh built-in battery: A single charge could work for about 3000 times. Compare with battery operated dispensers, it reduces battery consumption, saves more money, and reduces the environmental impact of discarded batteries.
    • IPX5 waterproof: Do not worry about splashing water in bathroom; Rubber plug keeps USB charging port free from humidity
    • A bracket is included in the package, past it on the wall and place the soap dispenser on it, can prevent the soap dispenser from being splashed and make the bathroom more tidy. 
  • DO& DO NOT:

    DO take out the hand soap, refilling water and get water out for 10 times to avoid blockage caused by drying hand soap in the pipe if you are going to put it aside for long time.

    DO add warm water and pump water out for a few times before each refill, regular clean will help to extend its working life.

    DO NOT immerse the dispenser in water or rinse it, or it will short circuit.

    DO NOT tilt the tank when installing or replacing hand soap.

    DO NOT use hand soap or other soap that contains solid particles.

    DO NOT invert the dispenser.

    DO NOT block the foam outlet with your hand.

    DO NOT add liquid/gel soap into the right foam soap reservoir, it won’t foam and may block the pipe.


    1. It doesn't foam, I could see indicator light up and hear the working sound, but no foam, what could I do?

    ----Please check soap outlet and tube, make sure nothing clog them. Then fill the soap reservoir with water and wave hand to get water out. It will test soap passage and also help to clean the passage. 

    2. When I move hand to sensor area, the indicator get red and won't foam.

    ----Please clean the sensor, restart the dispenser and try it again.

    3. I press power button but it doesn't turn on! No indicator light up!

    ----Please charge it for 2 hours before first use or when it doesn't turn on. 

    4. Indicator light up and I can hear the noise as it works, but no foam.

    ----Here's a way to fix it:

    A. Get a squeezable bottle with a long beak like a clean condiment Squeeze Bottles, add some water into it.

    B. Remove the filter at the end of tube

    C. Connect the bottle beak to the tube

    D. Squeeze water into the tube end , water may not flow out from the outlet, please keep pushing and water will come out little by little.

    Repeatedly push water out until water flows as normal.

Dimensions: 3.8"L x 3.8"W x 9.1"H

included in package: 1* automatic soap dispenser & 1* charger (other items displayed in pictures not included) 

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