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3-in-1 Wireless Magsafe Charger Stand

3-in-1 Wireless Magsafe Charger Stand

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  • 3-in-1 Charging Station: The Magsafe Charger Stand conveniently charges your iPhone 12/13 Pro Max, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro simultaneously, streamlining your charging setup.
  • Sleek and Compact Design: This charger stand is designed to be sleek and compact, taking up minimal space on your desk or bedside table while providing maximum functionality.
  • Built-in Magnets for Secure Connection: With built-in magnets, the charger stand ensures a secure and stable connection to your devices, preventing them from slipping or falling off during charging.
  • Pass-through Port: The stand includes a pass-through port, allowing you to charge your devices while they are docked, eliminating the need for multiple cables and adapters.
  • Convenient Charging Solution: By consolidating the charging of multiple devices into one stand, the 3-in-1 Magsafe Charger Stand offers a convenient and clutter-free solution for keeping your devices charged and ready to use.
In today's tech-driven world, having multiple devices that require frequent charging is common. The 3-in-1 Magsafe Charger Stand simplifies this process by providing a single, streamlined solution for charging your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously. Its compact design and secure connection make it an essential accessory for anyone looking to optimize their charging setup and maintain a clutter-free space.
US plug variant: 1* 3in1 magsafe charging stand, 1* USB TYPE C to USB TYPE C cord, & 1* adapter 
Base variant: 1* 3in1 magsafe charging stand & 1* USB TYPE C to USB TYPE C cord
(other items or electronics displayed in picture not included)
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