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Ice ball Maker

Ice ball Maker

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[As seen on tiktok] this ice ball maker makes it easier to make ice cubes. It features a durable design that is nontoxic and leak-free, making it easy to fill, remove, and clean. The pitcher is designed to fill with water easily and make up to 17 ice balls or up to 18 with our blue version. The bottle cap and bottle body are also designed with an anti-loss chain, which can be disassembled flexibly and carried out more conveniently. Additionally, this product is made of food grade TRITAN materials and it is easy to clean. Just pour in the warm water (not too hot) about 40 ℃, then close the lid and shake it hard to get a good clean. note: there no fill line so we recommend to not fill it up completely to the top, sometimes it may be hard to get the ice out if that's the case we recommend to add a little bit of warm water inside to loosen the ice or pour warm water around the whole container to loosen the ice from the outside. make ice balls without the struggle of spilling water before putting it into the freezer and pour ice balls into your cup without touching them. 

included in package: 1x ice ball maker. (Other items displayed in pictures not included)

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